We build secure and performant user experiences by following modern best practices.

What is important to you?


You want to turn your idea into a working demo.

We rapidly create a working proof-of-concept built around your core technology and polish it with a shiny user interface.

You test the prototype and get funding to grow it.

Build a Prototype

Work with us to prototype projects.


You are developing a business, product, or fledgling startup.

We create maintainable web apps and software, specializing in wofklow and content management, or subscription products.

You focus on growing and managing your business.

Build Software

Work with us to build software.


Your web application or development workflow needs better security.

We will work with you to resolve any vulnerabilities in your development or deployment so that you are less prone to data breaches and site downtime.

You have compliance and peace of mind.

Secure Your Software

Work with us to improve your security.

Not sure? Tell us about your project!

Our Values

Stability & Security

Our goal is to minimize the complexity of your project.
We will recommend the most efficient and strategically resourceful way to build quality software with the time and resources you have available.

More About Us

“I would work with you two any time anywhere. I am super impressed with your skill and most importantly your passion and professionalism.”

— Randy Harrington, CEO Extreme Arts & Sciences

Recent Work


The Launch

A team-building and communication tool that utilizes both physical components and a digital UI. Case study follows a user-centered design, development, and testing process spanning a 6-week sprint from conception to delivery.

Case Study
Game cards and mobile interface for The Launch.


Root + STEM

A suite of micro-applications built to support the submission, approval, and organization of STEM resources for students. In addition to serving a managerial function, the project also functions as an interactive data-visualization tool.

Case Study
Game cards and mobile interface for The Launch.

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Message Kelli , or email kelli@purelyfunctional.co. I will follow up with you as soon as I'm available so we can discuss solutions for how we can help you out!

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