About Us

Seattle, WA Honolulu, HI

We are a small and effective team that designs, architects, and builds software, tools, digital products, interactive interfaces, and deployment processes for a range of small to medium-sized businesses and organizations. We are located in Seattle and we work with a variety of clients, typically located in the west coast or Hawai'i.

With over 13 years of professional experience in software development, UI / UX design, DevOps, cybersecurity, interactive design, technical education, and game development, we bring a versatile range of skillsets to every project we work on.

Bjorn Borgonia

Sr. Software Engineer, DevOps, SRE, InfoSec

Architects, secures, and deploys scalable SOA and MSA infrastructure with organizations such as WebMocha and KQED.

Kelli Borgonia

UX/UI, Product Designer, Illustrator

Designs user experiences for businesses and startups such as Block Party and Braintrust, as well as non-profits such as Ensemble Theaters and NDWA.

Shante Vallee

Full Stack Engineer, SRE, Game Developer

Develops applications, builds secure self-healing servers, produces original music, designs and builds games with Goma Games.

We are a hands-on team. When you work with us, be prepared for a close developer-client relationship. We are product developers and small-business owners just like you, so we have experienced the same challenges that you are facing as a small business or startup. Reach out to us! We are happy to chat!

Let's chat!

Message Kelli , or email kelli@purelyfunctional.co. I will follow up with you as soon as I'm available so we can discuss solutions for how we can help you out!

Advisors & Partners

We often partner with subject matter experts when we work on projects that require extra developers with specialized area of expertise. Meet our advisors and partners in our extended team:

Aaron Kagawa

Product and Engineering, Technical Product Manager at Teknik

Jacqueline Wijaya

UX Design & Research, Accessibility & Inclusive Design, Product Designer at Wellpay

Jason Sewell

Sr. Security Engineer at OccamSec, Organizer @ JSConfHI, & OWASP Hawaii Chapter Lead

Justin Hernandez

Big Data Processing, Founder/CTO at Circa Victor Inc, Sr. Software Engineer at PBS Kids

Justin Hedani

Big Data Processing & Analytics, Founder/CTO of SmartYields, Previous Exit at AreaMetrics, Sr. Software Engineer at PointInside

Andrea Takamiya

Project Roadmapping, Solutions Architecture, Software Developer at Rightpoint

Alan Solidum

Co-Founder and CEO at AreaMetrics

Products & Projects

In addition to building software for clients and businesses, we love to build developer tools, software products, personal projects, and games. Two of our favorite ongoing projects include:

Goma Games

Goma Games is the indie game development label we use to create games and game dev resources including curriculum, open source assets, starter kits, and simple game dev frameworks that teach kids how to code. Through Goma Games, we have organized workshops and developed programs for game and software development to students ranging from K-12 through adulthood.

A dragon on a paper plane and a unicorn holding a giant pair of scissors.


Airship is a web development framework that we designed, built and use as the backend for most of the websites, e-commerce shops, and webapps we have built between 2013 to the present. We are currently converting this internal toolkit into a developer product so that other programmers can use it to build their own SaaS products and subscription-based services.

Screenshot of product capabilities from the AirshipCMS website.

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