Build an interactive prototype

Need to turn your idea into a working demo?

We can rapidly create a working proof-of-concept built around your core technology and polish it with a shiny user interface. You can focus on testing the prototype for market traction, so you can get funding to grow the idea and develop it into a full product.

  • At a protoype phase, demonstrating the core functionality is key.
  • It doesn't have to be perfect
  • It (probably) doesn't need a fully working backend
  • You should take shortcuts
  • You shouldn't use a prototype for production

What can we do with your budget?

How we work

We approach prototype development with the mentality of a hackathon project. Our goal is to ideate quickly, design rapidly, then push out a quick, demoable proof-of-concept that can be dropped into the hands of users and tested. It's a messy process that requires creativity, adapability, and trust, but the result is ultimately rewarding.


The Launch

Designed and built a team-building and communication tool that utilizes both physical components and a digital UI. Case study follows a user-centered design process spanning a 6-week ultra-rapid development cycle from conception to delivery.

Case Study
Game cards and mobile interface for The Launch.

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